Citizn for Business

For businesses, we provide robust reviews of vendor contracts so that your contract team can quickly and easily find what matters to your business.    

Why use Citizn for vendor contract review? 

Because this is all we do, we do it better than anyone.  We don’t just review the contract you ask us to review, we also review the vendor’s competitors, so we can give you real insights into what’s actually “market”.  It doesn’t hurt that we’re faster and less expensive than what you’re used to.

Our Contract Summaries are Best of Market


Thorough reviews

We leverage attorneys with industry experience and advanced technology to conduct our reviews.  Each Report goes through an extensive editorial process to ensure the information provided is accurate, and we always cite to authority.

Faster, Better Results

We work with your contract review team to make sure they have the best information available. Starting a contract review project with our Reports should save your lawyer time and you money, so you can get a faster, better result.


Market Analysis

In every Report, you can expect to learn how most of the major provisions stack up against the vendor’s competitors.  Armed with this information, your contract review team can better help you determine which vendors to ditch, and which terms to negotiate.

 We’re serious about quality, and we stand behind our work.  If you’re unhappy with a Report, we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Who are we? Citizn Company was founded by a team of attorneys, entrepreneurs and engineers who were tired of agreeing to contracts they hadn’t read.  We’re passionate about the project and eager to help the world solve this problem.

For Lawyers/Law Firms

As lawyers ourselves, we’re not big fans of legal tech companies that try to replace lawyers.  We know how valuable proper legal counsel is, and we encourage our clients to review our reports with their counsel.

If you’re interested in using our service to help provide the best possible service to your clients when they need your help with vendor due diligence, we make it very, very easy.


No subscription based fees or complicated sign-up process.


Just send us the company and product or service you want reviewed, the time frame you need the Report by, and, if desired, the client and matter number you’d like us to use on our invoice.  We’ll invoice you at the end of the month for the Reports you purchased.

No bureaucratic process to get through with your firm.

For some firms, we’ve setup a custom order page for support staff to easily order reports on behalf of the attorneys they support.  Contact for help setting this up for your law firm.