You agree to contracts every day.

We help you understand what’s in those contracts.

You shouldn’t have to agree to contracts without knowing what you’re signing,

and you shouldn’t have to hire a lawyer every time you sign a contract.

We’ve got you covered.

How It Works

We use real lawyers and state-of-the art technology to read and summarize contracts, and we make our reviews easy to navigate so you can quickly find what matters to you.   


Citizn for Business

For businesses, lawyers and procurement groups, we provide a more robust set of tools to help better understand what’s in vendor contracts, at very affordable rates.

“We started this company because we were tired of seeing businesses take advantage of their customers through “gotcha” provisions in fine print.   We knew that businesses wouldn’t make their contracts better until there was a good reason, so we created that reason. 

By shining light on what’s in contracts, we know that companies that treat their customers fairly will be rewarded, and those that don’t will have to change their ways.

That’s our idea of success.” – Otto Hanson, CEO